#35: Esoteric Hollywood, Vegan Ethics, Anti-Conspiracy Culture & Theism vs. Atheism with Jay Dyer

01:11 - Jay's thoughts on the construction of anti-conspiracy culture (i.e., "skeptics")
06:37 - "Because the CIA compartmentalizes itself, I ended up knowing more about the program than any individual in the CIA." Douglas Valentine
07:33 - CIA culture creation: relying on "experts" instead of instincts
09:17 - The Oligarchy's transcendence of the left/right sandbox and the so-called "intellectual dark web" (Jordan Peterson, et al.)
11:33 - "The governmental class is elected by the people to serve the elite."
12:26 - Bill Clinton awards David Rockefeller the medal of freedom: http://bit.ly/2GBxuSl
12:36 - Jordan Peterson a the trilateral commission: http://bit.ly/2tk15rs
12:47 - "I have described the intelligence service as a socially acceptable way of expressing criminal tendencies. A guy who has strong criminal tendencies but is too much of a coward to be one, would wind up in a place like the CIA if he had the education." Nelson Brickham (CIA)
14:30 - 'The irony about Jordan Peterson is that his ideology is 100% synonymous with actual philosophy of the ruling elite'
15:25 - Jay's thoughts on evolutionary theory and Darwinism
19:05 - Danny is a philosophy idiot, universal truth claims, Aristotle, and Plato
21:05 - How Jay debates
22:07 - "Genetics is now engaged in a controversy between those who insist on the primary importance of the gene, and those who oppose them. The contestants have often yielded to the temptation to support and accepted doctrine rather than an orderly and systemic search for a rational explanation." Carl C. Lindegren (Cold War in Biology, 1966)
23:10 - Social Darwinism serves the Oligarchy (i.e., 'death is just as important as life')
24:38 - 'Why should I accept your universal truth claim?'
26:10 - Jay's thoughts on process theology
32:47 - The relationship between dialectics, relativism, oligarchy, and the destruction of Western culture
36:22 - Jay on the depopulation strategy (The Jaffe Memo)
39:15 - Depopulation strategists: John Holdren, Walter Lipman, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jonas Salk, etc.
41:24 - Jay's conversations with Mark Hackerd, Russiagate, and Red Sparrow
47:06 - Jay's TV show with Jay Weidner (Hollywood Decoded)
50:23 - Jay on predictive programming through movies and TV
54:45 - CIA Entertainment Industry Liaison: https://www.cia.gov/offices-of-cia/public-affairs/entertainment-industry-liaison
57:15 - Ben Affleck on Argo: 'Hollywood is probably full of CIA agents' http://bit.ly/2TQzLwV
57:24 - Jay on negative cultural events inducing mass trauma
59:00 - Jay wears many hats
59:52 - Where can we find Jay's work?
01:01:15 - Some of Jay's favorite debates: Atheism vs. Theism: http://bit.ly/2Ih3wWm | Communism vs. Capitalism: http://bit.ly/2N3iPAm | Anarchism vs. The State http://bit.ly/2N2Rxdm
01:02:45 - Veganism vs. Carnivory: http://bit.ly/2BwJqRP
01:03:06 - Problems with veganism, libertarianism, and natural law theory
01:09:38 - 'You can tell by how someone talks if they're interested in what's actually true'