#24: Q&A - Tooth Decay, Supplements vs. Food, Long Walks, and Ray Peat's Work

IdeaLabs, PatreoniTunes

01:58 - Thoughts on tooth decay, carbon dioxide, and lactic acid
05:09 - “In the presence of hypothyroidism and magnesium deficiency everything is dangerous, but calcium and sodium are probably among the least dangerous things.” —Raymond Peat, PhD
07:20 - Children with food allergies
11:16 - Is there any reason to treat a child like a small adult?
13:14 - Food or supplements?
20:24 - Can supplements replace liver, oysters, and eggs?
24:35 - Caffeine, aspirin, niacinamide and fatty liver
30:53 - Enriching the environment and day-to-day metabolic enhancing activities
24:16 - Idealabs’ desiccated thyroid product, Tyromax
38:39 - Danny thinks desiccated thyroid should be taken orally
42:55 - Are Danny and Georgi slaves to Ray Peat?
48:24 - What Ray Peat’s work means to Danny
51:36 - Georgi, where can we find more of your work on the Internet this week?
52:30 - Info about next week’s episode